Travel theme: pale

I just returned from 4 days in the Grand Canyon, and I’m still sorting through photographs and choosing the stories I want to share with you. It was a magical place. Every corner we turned and every 500 feet we descended revealed new colors, wonders, rock layers, animals, flowers, and mysteries. So it’s appropriate that this week the photo challenge at Where’s My Backpack? is the word “pale.”

The muted colors of the canyon were whisper soft at times; it wasn’t until the setting sun hit a  rock face that it began to pulse with glowing orange and reds and greens. Here’s teaser, and look for a couple more posts on the Grand Canyon in the coming days.

Grand Canyon National Park Grand Canyon National Park Grand Canyon National Park


7 thoughts on “Travel theme: pale

    • Just read your post! Sounds like I just missed you on the trail. I agree that Ribbon Falls is wonderful; maybe not the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen, but a truly fascinating little rainforest ecosystem in the middle of the desert.

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