Upcycled sweater stuffies

One of the (many) upsides to not having kids of my own is that I have ample free time to make adorable crafts for people who do. I love knitting baby clothes. Wee little baby shoes, baby sweaters, baby jumpers, baby pants. It’s all the fun of knitting clothing with a fraction of the time commitment.

My most recent baby shower invitation indicated that the new family was registered for gifts at a website called BuyBuyBaby. I hope you can agree that there are several reasons this is a horrifying name for a business. Not only was I turned off by the unsubliminal messaging (I would feel equally repulsed about a restaurant called EatEatFat), but the website also made the simple act of buying a gift ridiculously hard. And I am a seasoned online shopper. So I gave up and turned to my craft stash for inspiration.

My latest fun baby craft is making stuffies out of upcycled felted wool sweaters. Whenever I’m at Value Village or Goodwill I browse the racks for 100% wool sweaters and stock up my craft bins. I wanted a pattern that required little planning or measuring (I was in no mood to try drafting my own), so I picked Martha Stewart’s stuffed pig, which appears online quite a bit in the crafty blog circle. (I also stitched up a felted elephant for my nephew for Christmas, but I don’t have a good picture of it. Probably for the best, since I can’t find the pattern, so I can’t link back to the creator.)

Before I share the adorable photos, let me just say that it’s difficult to search for “stuffed animals” on the interwebs, because you’re just as likely to find a recipe as you are a sewing pattern, like this recipe for stuffed camel. Fascinating, but not what I was looking for. The search term “stuffed pig” yields similar results.

Without further ado:

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