Poll for Gen Xers: Parents

Please take a moment to answer this poll, I would love your feedback. I realized that I have some assumptions about my generation’s obligations to our parents based on my own microcultural bias, and I’d really like a broader sampling of opinion. In all scenarios below, let emotional care and involvement be assumed. This is anonymous, by the way. Your parents will never know how you answered…


5 thoughts on “Poll for Gen Xers: Parents

  1. I guess I would be the parent you refer to in your poll (I love polls) even though I have no children. Interesting stats. I guess I’m not surprised by those who have not talked about it. It will hit them when they are not prepared for this decision. Look forward to seeing your poll results when more bloggers have taken it.

    • Thanks Danny! I’m curious how you’re a parent with no children…

      I’d really like to get more responses to this poll as well; the sample size is too small to draw any conclusions. I just need to get it out there somehow!

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