Cacophony of color

Residents of Vancouver, BC, are lucky on so many levels I don’t even know where to start gushing. Excellent restaurants, fantastic fashion and shops that stay open past 7, the Sky Train, cultural diversity, marriage equality, good concert venues that attract world-class musicians, the Museum of Anthropology, the Vancouver Aquarium, a witty and friendly populace…and holy man, the Richmond Night Market. Fortunately, Bellingham is just a short drive south of Vancouver, which is the next best thing to living there. And my trip to the night market coincided perfectly with Alisa’s Multicolored Travel Theme!

The Night Market is a cacophony of color, languages, and delicious smells. It opens every weekend  night during the summer. It could accurately be described as an Asian market, since most of the vendors (many of whom sold iPhone cases and anime kitsch)  were Asian, though I noticed one Slovakian food vendor…

And oh the food…every type of Asian street food was represented, from takoyaki balls, to dim sum, noodle bowls, salted pressed squid, barbecued fish, grilled meat on a stick, bubble tea, Japanese crepes, fried Mars bars, Dragon’s Beard candy, fried lotus fruit, and…oh my good heaven. I regretted having only one stomach because I wanted to taste everything.

Perhaps I’m not impressing upon you why this market is amazing and different… more unique than just a trip to Chinatown or a farmer’s market. It had something to do with the fact that it only happens at night, mostly after dark, a time that I associate with seedy bars and loud dance music and bad decisions. But instead of being the night scene one might expect—full of loud drunk people, beer tents, sex toy vendors, and whatever else you might imagine finding at a night market—this market is safe, booze-free, and the vendors only sell toys for toddlers and dogs. Tech-savvy students fix iPhone LED screens on the spot, high school students perform dance routines on the center stage, and vendors hawk contact lenses in every color from lavender to leopard. The whole market feels like a subverted norm, which is an incongruousness that gives me a thrill, like swearing in church or sending a text message from the top of an 8,000 ft. peak.

I can’t wait to go back and eat something else…and buy a few more pairs of socks.

I love these three interpretations of the “multicolored” theme:

  1. Travel Theme: Multicolored | Getting the Picture
  2. TRAVEL THEME: MULTICOLOURED | Francine In Retirement
  3. travel theme: multicoloured | It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see – Thoreau

3 thoughts on “Cacophony of color

  1. I’m SO GLAD you had a good time! (I liked seeing the photos on facebook too!)

    There is another night market in China town…it’s smaller, but whilst in the middle of it, I did NOT think I was in Vancouver…I was transported somewhere else.

    And…isn’t it great to be a minority within a 40 minute drive? I mean truly…there are like 98% Asian people at the night market…

    I went with an Asian friend, who grew up in Hong Kong…and speaks Cantonese and some Japanese….so he explained things to me…quite interesting…so much to notice.

    Every weekend, downtown, the city closes Granville + robson to cars. There are several things happening at the same time. one time, as I was a bit early for salsa dancing at the robson square outdoor rink, I wandered down Granville. I saw a capoeira group performing and when they were finished, some djed music led me over to a skateboarding completion (complete with ramps) on the very next block.

    This is exactly why I spend time in van. on bike, I come across SO MUCH GOING ON all the time!!! and only a 30 min drive to the north shore for hiking (if you need to get out of it all).

    Now I have writing my very own blog post…and it’s just for you 😉

    I’m so happy that you had the night market experience!!!

    • Thanks for telling me about this market! I’ve wandered DT Vancouver on foot at night as well, and it’s always so much fun. Like you said, so much going on everywhere you look! BTW, there were LOTS of GF food options at the night market, I didn’t have any problem overeating without consuming wheat 🙂

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