Travel theme: Sky

In searching for “sky” photos for Alisa’s weekly travel theme photo challenge, I realized that the sky’s expansiveness makes it a difficult photography subject, especially if you don’t have a wide-angle lens. Finding a frame for the sky can help direct focus. These photographs exhibit the sky in various stages of showiness, sometimes completely hidden; other times dazzling.

The sunset over Bellingham Bay this Thanksgiving was breathtaking.

Sometimes you work very hard to hike to a remote destination, only to find that when you get there, there’s not much to see. The sky, the tops of these mountains, the upper glaciers, were all obscured by the low clouds (that dumped golfball-sized hail on us shortly after).

Ursula photobombed this nice shot of Josh looking contemplative, but I think she creates an interesting frame for the bluebird sky beyond.

Frames, like this tent, give the eye a way to take in and focus on something so expansive as this clear blue sky.


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