the Two Golden Faces of Las Vegas

The theme is yellow over at Where’s My Backpack, which gives me an excuse to finally post some photos of our recent trip to Las Vegas.

Bellingham winters are dreary, and we were determined to spend a few days of Josh’s winter break under the yellow sun. So we headed to Las Vegas, which averages 292 sunny days per year. Instead of heading to The Strip, we booked an airbnb rental in the western suburbs just 15 minutes away from the Red Rock Conservation Area, where we planned to spend a few days scrambling on the sandstone.

1. All That Glitters

We joked that we might be the only people to travel to Las Vegas and never set foot in a casino. But since we knew we were headed to Las Vegas, I asked Joshua for tickets to Cirque du Soleil for my Christmas gift, which meant venturing onto The Strip. Parking is free at all the major casinos in Las Vegas, but you have to walk through the casino to get outside to the Boulevard. So, we ended up setting foot in a casino after all. We arrived on The Strip just early enough to cruise Las Vegas Boulevard for a few hours before the show and snap some photos of the glittery and the grotesque.


Paris, Las Vegas

This golden stone obelisk is in the Bellagio.

The sexiest cabaret fountain dance I’ve ever seen.


2. Yellow Sandstone

We spent the rest of our three days in Nevada hiking in the Red Rock Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park. The dominant rock color was of course red, but in one region of the Valley of Fire (aptly named Rainbow Vista), yellow sandstone was layered with the pink. I’m searching for the words to describe the stunning effect, but this is a photo challenge after all. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Yellow Arch

Yellow Arch


Yellow dome

Rainbow Vista

Yellow painted hills

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One thought on “the Two Golden Faces of Las Vegas

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Las Vegas and the National Parks, the colour in your photos are awesome and it sounds as though it was a great experience for you. Thanks for the shout out, I always enjoy finding new blogs to browse 🙂

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