Meet the Family

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

This is Josh. The one on the left. That’s me on the right.

About: Married 7 years. Love tearing apart our 104-yr-old house  and putting it back together (better) a piece at a time. Frequently debate UFOs, best methods of fermentation, and dog-rearing techniques.

Likes: long hikes in the Cascades, saunas, crossword puzzles, and travel.

Dislikes: rude people and parsnips. Just Gwen actually. Josh loves parsnips. But neither of us like rude people.

Ursula Muppet the Cantankerous

Full name: Ursula Muppet The Cantankerous

About: she’s an Australian shepherd-poodle mix. An Aussiepoo. Some days, just a poo.

Likes: cookies, chew toys, kibble, couch snuggles, eggs, steak, biting her sister Dusky, sauerkraut, stalking the cat, kefir, chasing the chickens, neverending games of Frisbee.

Dislikes: water.

Full name: Butternut Snooterbooter

About: She’s a reformed alley cat who spent the first four months of her life roughing it as a feral kitten. She’s never gotten over this injustice, and has spent the last 7 years living the life of pampered leisure she always knew she was meant for.

Likes: an empty lap.

Dislikes: Ursula.

Full name: Dusky Ann. Sometimes Dusky Lou, depending on which gender s/he chooses that day.

About: In the occasional hostage situation, Dusky makes sure to hide behind us so that we’ll be taken first.

Likes: Joshua.

Dislikes: Every other male.

Names: Sven, Ole, Swedish Chef, Beaker, Falcor, and Puck.

Likes: steak scraps, scratching in the dirt.

Dislikes: Ursula; laying eggs between September and January.


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